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Limone Sports


Limone offers many opportunities for practicing different sports, especially water sports. Sailing and windsurfing are perhaps the most popular, and thanks to the schools located on the beaches you can learn to sail easily and safely. The beaches are ideal for relaxing and sunbathing or even taking a swim in the waters of Lake Garda, you can also try your hand at waterskiing or do some diving. For those who enjoy walking, mountain biking, Nordic walking and trekking, cable climbing or climbing the area offers many different routes of varying lengths and difficulties.


In winter walking or jogging along the lakeside are both popular, but for those who love skiing just an hour’s drive away are the ski lift facilities of Monte Bondone or on the other side, that is, in Malcesine you can take the cable car up to the Monte Baldo ski resort, where you can ski whilst enjoying breathtaking views of Lake Garda. If the slopes of Monte Baldo are not enough just go down the other side, overlooking Rovereto, you can use the shuttle bus to the ski resort of Polsa – San Valentino. Excursions using snow shoes are popular in the mountains above Limone.

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