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Limone - Culture

The first greenhouses were built in the seventeenth century, but it was in the following century that the most spectacular citrus houses were built, in Reamòl and in Garbèra, thanks to the Bettoni family, these also enchanted Goethe during his travels in Italy in 1786. If you follow Via Fontane you will reach the church of San Benedetto which was enlarged in 1691. Heading towards the small harbour, enclosed between the houses, you will reach the church of San Rocco, built in the 16th century. In the centre of Limone, in piazza Garibaldi, you can find the seventeenth century Casa della Finanza, with its beautiful dark stone loggia on the first floor, eighteenth century Palazzo Ghepardi is also worth a visit. Enjoy a lovely walk through the cobbled streets of the hamlet, which during the summer months is coloured the purple of bougainvillea. Amongst the important people that have visited Limone we should mention, in addition to Goethe, David Herbert Lawrence and the dramatist Henrik Ibsen.

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